Best lassi in Kochi

This post was supposed to be published in the summer but since we were in lockdown couldn’t do so. But anyway found this relevant incase you are longing for a glass of homemade lassi. It’s my favourite !

These are hot days in Kochi with the mercury hitting new highs everyday. And these are days when you need to drink liquids to keep you cool and rehydrated.

On a recent trip to Fort Kochi, I discovered a small shop – Rawal Lassi Joint run by a very humble and down to earth father and son duo of Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Nirmal. They serve probably to me the best lassi in Kochi ! I couldn’t stop at one glass and had to order more on this hot day. Also could gather that this was a pretty busy place for the locals and they all seemed to relish the lassi served here.

They serve normal and special lassis and will be introducing flavoured lassis like mango and saffron this month. The rates are also reasonable.

So if you are in Fort Kochi, do visit Rawal Lassi Joint on Palace road and enjoy the best lassi in town, served with lots of love.

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