Restrictions in Kerala from May 4 – May 9

• No one will be allowed to step out unnecessarily. Crowding will not be allowed in closed spaces.

• Unnecessary travel will not be allowed.

• Shops selling essential items such as dairy products, vegetables, groceries, and fish and meat stalls will be allowed to function. They should encourage maximum door delivery.

• Vendors in vegetable and fish markets should maintain a social distance of 2 metres. They should wear two masks and gloves.

• Hospitals, media organisations, telecom, and IT firms have been exempted. The distribution of milk, newspapers, and institutions dealing with water and power supply, too, can function.

• The restrictions are not applicable to Covid vaccination centres.

• Strict restrictions on weddings and funerals

• No indoor dining in hotels and restaurants. Home deliveries are allowed.

• No restriction on door-to-door fish selling.

• Textiles, jewellery shops and hairdressing salons to remain closed.

• Autorickshaws, taxis and cargo vehicles can ply in unavoidable situations. Police will check such vehicles.

• Private firm employees should keep their ID cards, and produce them on demand.

• Industries and companies working round-the-clock can function as usual. Their employees should produce ID cards if demanded.

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