About Us

Ernakulam Junction, as the name suggests is the premier railway station in Kerala. Located in the commercial capital of Kochi, this railway station brings back memories of our childhood days when we used to travel by train with our families.

A visit to the railway station was an experience in itself. Apart from watching the different trains chugging in and out of the station, it was also a foodies delight. Everything from tea and coffee to hot chips, halwa and tasty biryani was available.

Our humble beginnings relate a lot to the Ernakulam Junction railway station. And just as mentioned, we ship some of our memories at the station nowadays. Notably, banana chips, halwa and other sweets. All our sweets are homemade with handpicked ingredients. We are family run and our products reflect our warmth and traditions.

We also bring you updates about our city Kochi in our Blog. Eating out, shopping, travel, weather…as it happens ! Do check it out.